Nokia N8 could get a sixth color soon (maybe red)

Back in October 2010, Nokia made a big deal of the fact that the N8 had (and still has) five color versions: dark grey, silver white, green, blue, and orange.

Now it seems the Finnish giant plans to launch a sixth color version of the smartphone, and it wants to see what fans are thinking abut that. There’s a post over at the Nokia Conversation blog, which asks you to vote for the color for a possible new N8, a “special edition model.”

Most fans have voted red. So, assuming Nokia does make a new version of the N8, this will likely be red, and could look like in the photo below (quickly modified by yours truly):

Sure enough, Nokia may ask what color fans prefer for completely different reasons. Maybe it’s unsure about the colors of the upcoming E6? We don’t know. But we’ll probably find out soon.

In the meantime, if you like the other colors, you can get these at Amazon for $399:





Author: Florin

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