Screenshots of WebOS 3.0 Leak, Show off HP TouchPad

We’ve seen pictures taken of HP’s new version of WebOS before, but now we have actually found some screenshots, courtesy of PreCentral. These shots show a few aspects of the OS, as if it were on the HP TouchPad.

We still don’t know when we’ll actually be able to get some hands-on time with WebOS 3.0, but since we are starting to see screenshots leaked through to us, it likely means we’re getting pretty close to the “summer” release timeframe. So check out the screenshots below and enjoy.

One notable difference is the choice here to go with Bing Maps, which means you’ll get more 45-degree birds-eye views, but you won’t get the same accuracy in traffic data as you would with Google Maps. Bing is also notable for its minimalist approach, which is good or bad depending on how you feel about that style.

Here’s a few other screenshots now.

Device Menu



Do you see anything new in there that appeals to you as a potential WebOS user?

via PreCentral

Author: Brad Molen

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