T-Mobile LG Optimus T coming soon to RadioShack for just $174.99 sans contract

The LG Optimus One is an affordable, yet rather feature-packed Android smartphone with which LG hoped to achieve the same worldwide ubiquity as Samsung’s much more expensive Galaxy S line. And, for the most part, LG has succeeded in doing that. In the US, almost every carrier has its own version of the Optimus One – the Optimus T is T-Mobile’s.

Now sure, we’ve seen some good deals for this handset before, yet they’ve all so far involved the signing of that new two-year contract so many people dread. But soon that’s bound to change, as apparently RadioShack is gearing up to introduce a great, contract-free offer for the Optimus T.

According to a leaked flyer that has been received by Android Central, RadioShack will soon sell you an Optimus T for just $174.99 – no contract required. That’s about $65 cheaper than the current no-contract price, so it’s a pretty good deal.

When exactly the deal starts is unclear, yet the shipments of new Optimus Ts are set to arrive “this week” at RadioShack. So it probably won’t be long.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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