Android Hacks and ROMs available this week

It’s time to start a new feature here on Unwired View. Recently I’ve been paying more and more attention to the hoardes of official and unofficial Android ROMs, roots, source code leaks, and other forms of Android hackery, and realized how hard it is to keep track and make sense of it all. So, I’d like to help sort it all out and help point you in the right direction if you are interested in dabbling in the mysterious underbelly of Android.

Let’s get started. Here are a few that I’ve found from this week:

HTC Incredible 2 RUU code leaked

PSX4Droid Emulator now open-sourced, free for download

Eee Pad Transformer source code released by ASUS

Acer Liquid Metal’s official Gingerbread ROM leaked (via MoDaCo)

HTC Thunderbolt gets rooted with just one click; overclocked to 2 GHz

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10’s Bootloader has been cracked; SE plans to release a bootloader unlocking solution for the entire Xperia lineup soon

So that’s a good start for this week. Let me know what you think about this feature, and we’ll give it a try again next week!

image courtesy Sleetherz

Author: Brad Molen

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