HTC Merge appears on Verizon’s website

Here’s another episode of the HTC Merge‘s Verizon-related saga. Is it ever going to be sold by Verizon? Or did Big Red cancel it, like previously rumored? Nothing’s set in stone, but recent clues, including what you’ll read here today, seem to suggest that the Merge will hit Verizon stores at some point soon.

I know, I know, you’ve heard that in October of last year. And let’s not forget, we’ve first heard of the Merge in September – that’s 6 months ago! In the meantime, this phone has leaked more than any other handset in recent history, yet it still hasn’t been officially unveiled by Verizon – even if it did make it to Alltel and Cellular South.

A couple of days ago, press shots of Verizon’s Merge leaked. And today the Merge was spotted on Verizon’s website, though not where you’d expect.

See, the above was seen in a section of the website dedicated to free text alerts. So no, the Merge isn’t up for order on Verizon just yet, and according to Android Central the carrier still hasn’t made up its mind on whether to sell this device or not.

Now keeping that in mind, it’s funny that even after appearing on Verizon’s website, it’s still not clear if the Merge will ever be sold by Verizon. An odd story, this. You know what would make it less odd? Verizon announcing the Merge already. One can hope.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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