Verizon 86’s the One-Year Contract Option, effective April 17

One thing consumers treasure more than anything is the opportunity to have choice, regardless of whether the options are good or not. In addition to the New Every Two program getting flushed down the toilet earlier this year, now the one-year contract option is on the chopping block.

These moves are part of a large effort to simplify the plans the company offers and make the choices less confusing to the consumer. Sadly, the consumer does not get a say in the matter.



Certainly, the two-year contracts were the much more popular option to choose, particularly due to the up-front cost savings on the phones. But there are definitely those out there that will be saddened by this news.

The one-year contract option will be eliminated as of April 17. It will not affect any customers already on this particular contract; you will just not be able to renew your contract the same way again.

Source: Gadget U

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Author: Brad Molen

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