Verizon may soon introduce a $50 per month unlimited prepaid plan

Verizon’s plan reshuffling is still in the news today. First we let you know that Big Red is prepping to drop one-year contracts altogether, and now it seems that a new unlimited plan is on its way. However, perhaps in contrast with the one-year agreement axing, this may actually make some people very happy when (if?) it becomes available.

Droid-Life has received a depiction of an upcoming Verizon unlimited prepaid plan, called Verizon Unleashed. We get the details of what it includes, as well as a shot of some promo material for Unleashed.

So, as you can see, $50 per month will get you unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and unlimited ‘mobile Web’. However, ‘mobile Web’ is not referred to as ‘data’, and you can see below its listing in the first image above the start of a sentence that goes like “Mobile Web does not provide full”. We can only guess what words followed in that sentence, but it may be safe to assume that this mobile Web is not what you smartphone owners have gotten used to using as ‘mobile data’. Ah, naming schemes…

Even so, unlimited talk and texts for $50/month sounds pretty good. Until you consider this is a month-to-month, in other words prepaid, plan – then it becomes a great deal even. It’s unclear when Verizon will introduce this, but let’s hope it will happen soon and will be available nationwide. In the mean time, we’ll try to find out some more details about what data access it includes, and what data add-ons you may get on top of Verizon Unleashed.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    Have you guys ever heard of Page Plus Cellular? Unlimited Talk, Text and 20mb of data-yes that means real data, for $44.95/month, out the door, no taxes. The ONLY Verizon MVNO that allows BYOD-that includes smartphones.
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    Disclaimer~I am not a salesperson, and this is not an advertisement, merely a comment relating to the article above.
    Page Plus is essentially the same thing as the service detailed in the article-only better, IMO. I have been a very happy customer for over a year now, and will never use another cellular provider.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon recently announced Opera Mini would be available on feature phones which is probably related to this also.