HTC Touch Pro 2 gets system stability update almost two years after its release

Now this is odd. While many Android fans are finding out that their beloved devices won’t receive any more software updates, sometimes before the one year anniversary of their devices’ launch, HTC has released an update for the Touch Pro 2.

In case you’re not familiar with that name, the Touch Pro 2 is a smartphone running Windows Mobile. No typo there, it’s WinMo and not Windows Phone. The Touch Pro 2 hit the streets during the summer of 2009. Again, no typo, and this isn’t a post from 2009. It is 2011, and HTC has decided that the Touch Pro 2 is in need of an update that improves its stability. Of course, that’s great news for HTC Touch Pro 2 owners, yet probably also has the effect of baffling some Android fans.

Anyway, unfortunately there’s no official changelog available for this update. The only description available is “this update enhances the system stability”. The file is very, very small at 159,744 bytes, so it’s probably just a quick patch, but nevertheless it’s clearly worth installing if for some reason you’re still sporting an HTC Touch Pro 2 in this day and age.

Full installation instructions are available here at HTC.

Via PocketNow

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Joshua Estes

    Just updated my TouchPro 2 – It rendered all physical buttons useless (except the power/standby button), disabling them immediately after the update. Seems like another mis-adventured attempt at repairing the notably self-destructive software by Windows and HTC.

    I’m resetting the ROM to its original WinMo 6.5 settings now…..losing all of my data.