Nokia E72 gets a firmware update to v54

Nokia has recently started pushing a firmware update to the Nokia E72, still the portrait QWERTY candybar business flagship device in the Finnish manufacturer’s portfolio, at least until the E6 finally sees the light of day. As usual, Nokia keeps supporting smartphones with software updates for many months, sometimes even years, after their release.

The new update for the Nokia E72 will install version 54 firmware on it. This, however, is no big UI revamp or anything like that – that’s reserved for the devices that were launched running Symbian^3, later renamed ‘new Symbian’, such as the N8, E7, C7, and C6-01.

There’s no official changelog available (with Nokia there almost never is), but the guys over at All About Symbian have managed to spot some changes already. The startup settings baseline has been updated. After a hard reset on first use, the Camera shortcut is replaced with an Ovi Store shortcut on the home screen. Ovi Files has been removed, since the service no longer works. The Vlingo application has also been removed from the ROM, though it’s unclear at the moment why this may have happened. Also, apparently both Ovi Files and Vlingo will stay with your device if you just update it to v54 without doing a hard reset – their removal is only in effect for ‘fresh’ installations. Finally, the camera performance seems to have been improved, especially the auto-focus.

Of course such minor updates also contain dozens, if not hundreds of small bug fixes and performance enhancements and are usually worth installing as soon as possible just for those. The v54 update for the Nokia E72 is in the process of being rolled out internationally to SIM-free unlocked devices, and it may have reached your E72 already. As always, when or if this update makes it to carrier-specific versions of the smartphone is up to each individual carrier.

To check if the update is available for your Nokia E72, dial *#0000# and hit Options > Check for updates, or go into the SW Update application (if you have it).

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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