HTC Sensation gains ‘4G’ suffix on its way to T-Mobile USA

Today is all about the HTC Sensation, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s newly-announced Android-powered superphone – and its flagship device for 2011. And to make a point about this being Sensation day, T-Mobile has announced that it will be selling the device exclusively in the United States.

On its way from London, where it was first unveiled, to the US, the HTC Sensation has become the HTC Sensation 4G, as you’d expect if you follow the American mobile market closely. I still wonder when the first carrier will figure out that it has to use ‘5G’ to truly differentiate its mobile data offerings.

Anyway, T-Mobile will release the Sensation 4G “this summer”. That’s all the new info that TMo has bothered making available at this point, along with the following video:

So there you have it. Naturally, the Sensation 4G will, branding aside, be the same device we know and (already?) love internationally. No US-specific features here. Let’s see which 1.2 GHz dual-core smartphone hits the streets first – the Sensation or Samsung’s Galaxy S II.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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