T-Mobile launches two new unlimited plans on April 13, starting at $59.99 per month

T-Mobile wasn’t content on just announcing its exclusivity deal with HTC for the Sensation 4G today. It has also confirmed the information that has been making the rounds as a rumor for the past few days – new unlimited plans are near.

T-Mobile will launch two new unlimited plans tomorrow, on April 13. The new $59.99/month Even More Plus plan doesn’t require a monthly contract, being tailored to the month-to-month crowd also known as ‘prepaid users’ elsewhere. The new $79.99/month Even More plan does require a two-year contract, and T-Mobile boasts that you can save more than $350 per year by getting this plan, compared to what you’d spend on unlimited plans at AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

Both plans come with unlimited talk, text, and data – although your data speed will be throttled after you hit 2 GB of traffic in any particular month. Your speed will go back up once the billing cycle has ended.

If you’re interested, just pay T-Mobile a visit starting tomorrow, either online or in a store. Do consider that TMo claims that both these plans are going to be available for a limited time. Now that may be just marketing speak aimed at getting you to choose these plans, or not. But in case it isn’t, you probably shouldn’t waste any time and get the plan you want pretty soon.

Via Phandroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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