Verizon Samsung Droid Charge spotted on Walmart’s website

While there’s still no official word on when the LTE-enabled Samsung Droid Charge will be released by Verizon, the smartphone has been spotted at Walmart’s website* – which could mean its launch date isn’t too far away now.

Of course, not long ago we’ve heard that the new Android handset may be out on April 14 (that’s tomorrow). However, since Verizon didn’t announce anything about this yet, I don’t think we’ll see the Droid Charge hitting the shelves tomorrow.

Whenever it decides to launch it, Verizon could sell the Droid Charge for up to $299 on contract. I assume the final price will not be higher than $249, though, to match the price of the HTC Thunderbolt (currently Verizon’s only LTE smartphone).

* – at this very moment, the Droid Charge is nowhere to be found at Walmart, but Pocket Now saw it at some point.

Author: Florin

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  • Bouqingshan

    Walmart and Sam’s club don’t get the high end phones for about a month after release – they don’t have the Thunderbolt yet. So what are the chances that this is other than photochop?