Google now activates 350,000 Android devices daily. 3 billion Android apps installed around the world

While announcing its First Quarter 2011 Results, Google has unveiled that the number of daily Android activations has now reached 350,000.

That’s a 14% growth compared to the number of Android devices activated daily back in December 2010 (about 300,000).

350,000 daily activations means about 10,5 million new Android devices each month. And, if we look at things from a whole year’s perspective, it means 126 million Android devices activated per year.

So Android is, unsurprisingly, still growing, although the growth is not as fast as last year. You can check out Android’s growth from 2008 to December 2010 in this post.

Google also said that there are more than 3 billion Android apps installed on smartphones around the world.

Also, answering a question regarding Android tablets, a Google official said:

Tablets are doing very well. We are very optimistic. We have Honeycomb, the Xoom is our first Honeycomb device, and there are more products coming. We enabled advertisers to target tablets.

Certainly, smartphones still account for the bulk of Android activations. Honeycomb still kinda seems to be an unfinished OS, but Google is surely working on new iterations of Android for tablets, so things should look better in the future.

Author: Florin

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