Motorola Droid Bionic seems to have issues, may be delayed, Motorola Targa could be to blame

Last time we heard about it, Verizon’s Motorola Droid Bionic was supposed to be launched sometime in May – at about the same time with the Motorola Droid X2, LG Revolution, and the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G.

Now we’re seeing reports according to which the Droid Bionic may have been delayed, or even canceled (I find this hard to believe, though).

While some Howard Forums members are hearing “that the Bionic is not going to make it to market”, there’s a post over at Android Central Forums which implies that, although the smartphone has “issues” (related to battery and performance), it is “well on track for the expected release date.”

Reportedly, in case the Droid Bionic isn’t going to be released, Verizon may replace it with the rumored Motorola Targa – which should also be a high-end LTE smartphone.

Now let’s hope Verizon will issue an official statement regarding the Droid Bionic soon.

Author: Florin

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  • Juan Miranda

    that sucks!!! damn i wanted that phone. It was going to be my first moto phone too.. Guess i should stick with htc.

  • MannyLegacy

    You GOTTA be KIDDING me!!!………Broke my 1st gen droid last month and have been using a POS BB storm while I was waiting for the Bionic. Now we’re hearing this?? ……Total BS IMHO……Motorola needs to get there android issh together already.

  • Tyrone Greene

    Well, the Bionic still has its page on the Motorola site. Let’s wait this rumor out. May be a false alarm. Fingers crossed that it is…

  • Pockets3695

    Looks like I’m going to get the Galaxy S2….

  • AxX

    Hold on a little longer guys. Until Bionic is removed from Motorola’s site, there is hope.

  • Ben Johnson

    This is the exact same device as the Atrix 4G (AT&T) – and they released that one. It’s not dead – it’ll release soon.

  • Kubbz

    So gay, after waiting so long Motorola can suck it!! Time to sell some of their stock before it drops!… I’m getting either the Samsung or HTC Thunderbolt…

  • Anonymous

    The Bionic is coming, this is pure BS. It will be available on or before June 11th.

  • iwish..

    not really, less RAM 512 on the droid bionic compared to 1 GB of the atrix is a HUGE difference is viewing videos and flash content on the web. Also, the bionic won’t have a shitty motoblur skin unlike the atrix. Just wish the bionic had a better camera like all the other newer phones (thunderbolt) (droid charge) (evo 3D) (htc sensation) 1.3 mp…. rather than the piece of shit .3mp front facing camera for skype