Samsung Galaxy S II will make it to Canada in late Q2 or early Q3

Wondering when the Samsung Galaxy S II will make it to North America? Wonder no more, for it seems it will reach Canada before the United States. MobileSyrup got the information straight from Samsung VP Paul Brennan, who confirmed that the slim beast is headed to Canada, and its release will happen either in late Q2 or, more likely, early Q3. He also said that the Galaxy S II may make it to the market in Canada earlier than in the USA. Unfortunately, what’s still unknown is which carrier, or carriers, will launch it, and what the pricing will be.

So it looks like the Galaxy S II will become available in Canada either before June ends, or sometime in July, perhaps even early August (anything later than that couldn’t really be called ‘early’ Q3). Either way the back to school crowd will surely be able to pick one of these puppies up – to aid with studies, of course.

It will be interesting to see if Canada gets the Galaxy S II before the US. After all, a leak that surfaced at the end of last month claimed that a Verizon version of Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone would launch in May.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • online stores uk

    Whatever the case I am highly disappointed. I waited over 4 months for this phone already. If i have to wait more for this phone to release, I might get another android phone.

  • Anonymous

    Please be wrong!