HTC Mazaa leaks on its way to Sprint, may be the first WP7 world phone

It’s been a long time since a new Windows Phone 7 device has leaked, or at least one not Nokia-related. But the day is finally here – we’ve got a new WP7 smartphone on its way, this time headed to Sprint in the US. Meet the HTC Mazaa.

Mazaa is this device’s codename, and as such you shouldn’t get up in arms about how odd it is. The phone you see here today will be sold to you under a different name. The HTC Mazaa will become available from Sprint sometime in the next six months, and it may come with DDR2 (faster than usual) memory.

The Mazaa may also be a ‘world phone’, a.k.a. a ‘global roaming’ device – a smartphone that has both a CDMA radio (in this case for operating on Sprint’s network) as well as a GSM/HSPA radio, which makes it usable outside the US. If so, it will be the first Windows Phone 7 device to have this capability, and it will certainly be appreciated by Sprint customers.

The Mazaa has a single LED flash, and a touchscreen that looks like it’s about 3.7 inches in size diagonally, which may mean this is just going to be Sprint’s version of the HTC Trophy. Time will tell, of course.

Via XDA-Developers

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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