LG E700 features IE9, might come with Windows Phone 7 Mango

LG is readying a new Windows Phone 7 handset called LG E700.

While we don’t know what it looks like, and neither when it will be out, we know (from this .xml file) that the E700 features Internet Explorer 9 – which should be included in a future WP7 update.

Since IE9 is likely to be released to handsets at the same time with the Windows Phone 7 Mango update, the LG E700 could be among the first devices to come with Mango.

Of course, we’ve also heard that IE9 for phones might be out before the Mango update – but that’s just a rumor for now.

According to previously unveiled info, Windows Phone 7 Mango could be released by Microsoft in August or September this year (thus Nokia’s first WP7 devices might run it). Let’s hope we’ll hear more about this LG E700 until then.

Via Tweakers.net

Author: Florin

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  • Tom Mccormick

    All the Internet people need to watch out for this pout from LG which is called LG E700. it is a new windows phone 7 from the house of LG and is prepared to run with internet explorer 9. windows phone 7 is also termed Mango, LG E700 is going to be the flavour of season.