LG Revolution priced at $249, Motorola Droid X2 at $199?

There are lots of new Android smartphones that are coming soon to Verizon Wireless, but official details about their launch dates and prices are yet to be unveiled.

Of course, we’ve already heard about the possible prices of the Samsung Droid Charge, and HTC Droid Incredible 2.

Now we’ve also discovered the possible prices of the LG Revolution, and Motorola Droid X2.

According to the image seen below (unveiled by PhoneArena), the LG Revolution should carry a minimum advertised price of $249.99. As for the Moto Droid X2, its MAP should be of $199.99.

Since the Revolution is an LTE smartphone and the Droid X2 isn’t, I guess these prices make sense.

The LG Revolution could be launched by Verizon in early May. Most likely, the Droid X2 will be out at about the same time.

Author: Florin

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