Samsung Galaxy Ace now free with £10.50 per month contract at O2 UK

The Samsung Galaxy Ace has been available from the UK operators and third party retailers for a while now, and its prices have generally been as follows: around £229.99 SIM-free or on Pay as you go, and free with 24-month contracts starting at £25 per month.

While the SIM-free/Pay as you go price is quite decent and suits the device well (it’s a good buy for that amount of money), the contract pricing is a bit off for what is supposedly an affordable midrange device. And it looks like this is something that O2 has figured out, since it’s now offering the Galaxy Ace on by far the cheapest monthly contract yet.

If you head on over to O2, you’ll be able to get a brand new Samsung Galaxy Ace for free if you sign a 24-month contract that will set you back a minimum of £10.50 per month. That’s right, £10.50, not £25. That’s a great deal, if you’re into signing long-term contracts.

The £10.50 per month will give you 50 minutes and 250 texts – and if you don’t need mobile data that’s all you’ll pay. Data will add to the monthly cost by £3 for 100 MB, £6 for 500 MB, or £10 for 1 GB. So even if you pick the most expensive data option, you’ll still end up paying just £20.50 for the whole package.

Via Eurodroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Pankaj

    this is really sad for the samsung that they are not giving such a service in INDIA. i dont know why they do such a things only in UK why not INDIA i want to know