HTC readying a 16MP Windows Phone 7 handset?

At the moment, HTC is the company that launched the highest number of Windows Phone 7 devices (five of them – if we don’t count the HTC Arrive and the HD7S, which are merely variations of other models).

More HTC WP7 handsets will be certainly released soon, and one of them may have a 16MP camera with dual LED flash.

Apparently, HTC has already made a promo video for its future 16MP smartphone. The weird part is that the device seen in the video is exactly like the Android-based Desire S, with the exception of the Windows Phone capacitive buttons.

Pocket Now (which found the promo video who knows where), suggests that the device could be just a placeholder for the real 16MP WP7 handset. But we can’t know anything for sure right now.

HTC currently doesn’t have smartphones with camera resolutions higher than 8MP. In fact, these are quite rare. Altek has that 14MP Android smartphone, and Nokia has the 12MP Symbian-based N8 (which may be the foundation for the Windows Phone-based W8) – but that’s about it.

Of course, the high Megapixel count of a camera doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to take nice photos with it. Anyway, let’s wait and see what HTC has in mind, shall we?

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    Windows 7 Phones are just repurposed Androids. because Samsung focus is revision from nexus s. Now this is revised from HTC sensation.

  • Agon

    apologize for spelling

  • Agon

    apologize for spelling