Angry Birds Seasons updated with Easter Eggs (iOS, Android, Symbian, WebOS)

Since Easter’s coming soon (in about a week), Angry Birds Seasons has been updated by Rovio with a special Easter Edition.

The update brings 15 new Easter Eggs levels filled with… eggs, and pigs wearing bunny ears.

You can download the update starting today on iOS, Android, Symbian, and WebOS devices.

Apart from updating the game, Rovio – which recently released the brand new Angry Birds Rio – also announced that it would “soon launch the biggest alternate reality game with Angry Birds ever”, which will ask users to “seek for clues around the world to discover the secrets hidden in Angry Birds Seasons.” Well, that sounds intriguing.

Until we hear more about this alternate reality game, you can watch a preview of Angry Birds Seasons Easter Eggs in the video below:

Via Rovio

Author: Florin

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