AT&T Motorola Bravo Android 2.2 Froyo update now available

The update to Android 2.2 Froyo for the Motorola Bravo is now available. Exactly ten days after Motorola had solicited help from 1000 eager Bravo owners to beta test the Froyo release, it’s here for everyone. And it looks like there weren’t that many issues with the beta release, since they got rectified in just a few days.

What’s included? All the usual Froyo goodies, of course, such as support for Adobe’s Flash Player, storing apps on the SD card, automatically updating apps, and Wi-Fi mobile hotspot functionality.

There are some Bravo-specific additions as well. A new Profiles feature lets you have up to three different sets of (customizable) homescreens. Some new apps come preinstalled: Files, Latitude, Places, News and Weather, Google Search. The Dialer has received easy contact searching, T9-style. The Gallery UI has been updated, and LinkedIn accounts can now be added to integrate with contacts, social networking, and messaging.

The update is of the over-the-air variety, meaning that your phone probably has notified you that there’s new software available already. If not, force it to check by going to Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates. The Android 2.2 version of the software is labeled 37.4.0 by Motorola.

Once the update is downloaded, your phone will restart and update itself. Make sure it’s sufficiently charged beforehand. For the full instructions, go here at Motorola.

Via AndroidGuys

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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