Dual-core 2GHz smartphone coming from Samsung next year?

For now, Samsung and HTC are the only companies that announced smarthpones with dual-core 1.2Ghz processors: the Galaxy S II (pictured below) and the HTC Sensation, respectively. After their launch (scheduled to happen quite soon), these will, theoretically, be the fastest smartphones on the market.

But that just won’t be fast enough for 2012, right? That’s why Samsung is reportedly making a dual-core 2GHz smartphone.

According to Daum, a Samsung official declared that the dual-core 2GHz smartphone will be released “by next year.” There’s no word on what OS the device will run, but I’m pretty sure it will be Android.

Such a processor would give the upcoming smartphone the approximate processing speed of a decent desktop PC or laptop. It would also allow it to compete with products based on Nvidia’s new quad-core 1Ghz CPU.

It’s said that Samsung may also want to sell the dual-core 2GHz CPU separately – so, who, knows, maybe Apple will buy it and use it in its iPhone 6 (or whatever the 2012 iPhone will be called).

Author: Florin

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