First Samsung Galaxy S II TV commercial reminds us that the smartphone is not waterproof

Expected to be released in Korea later this month, and in other markets starting May, the Samsung Galaxy S II has appeared for the first time in a TV commercial.

The commercial doesn’t say anything about the smartphone’s speedy dual-core processor, and neither about Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Instead, it concentrates on the vivid, “too realistic” images that the Galaxy S II’s screen (4.3 inches, WVGA, Super AMOLED Plus) can display.

Samsung suggest that the images are so realistic that you (well, if you’d be a kid anyway) may think a fish seen on the phone’s display is real, and you may feel the need to throw the handset in an aquarium next to other fish. Of course you won’t do that, but, just in case, Samsung reminds us that the Galaxy S II is “not waterproof”, and “immersing the device in water can damage your phone.” No sh*t?

Check out the commercial below:

Via SamsungHub

Author: Florin

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