Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v pre-orders start tomorrow at Vodafone Australia, pricing info now available

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v are set to start at Vodafone Australia tomorrow, on April 20 (that’s in just a few hours Down Under), as we found out a few days ago. Those who pre-order the tablet will start receiving it on May 1, three days before the device will become available to buy.

Vodafone Australia has been kind enough to post full pricing information on the Galaxy Tab 10.1v, so here are the details. If you don’t want to sign any contract, you can just pay $729 upfront and get the tablet as well as 6 GB of data that’s good to use for 3 months.

If you want to sign a one year contract, you’ll have to pay $259 upfront for the tablet, and then $39, $53, $63, or $83 per month in order to get 1.5 GB, 6 GB, 14 GB, or 18 GB of data traffic, respectively. A quick side note: it’s amazing to see a carrier offer an 18 GB per month data traffic option in this day and age. Kudos to Vodafone Australia for that one.

If you’d rather not pay a dime for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v, then you can sign a new two-year contract with Vodafone. The tablet will be yours for free, provided that you shell out the sums above for any of the aforementioned data plans each month.

Whatever variant you pick, you will receive a free case with your Galaxy Tab 10.1v.

All in all there are many options to get this device, and one surely is for you. So if you’re interested, and it doesn’t bother you that Samsung has announced another, thinner version of this tablet since unveiling this particular model, then head on over to Vodafone for pre-order placement instructions.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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