New BlackBerry Curve Touch coming to T-Mobile this summer?

While being busy shipping the just-released PlayBook tablet, RIM is also getting ready to announce new BlackBerry smartphones, including the BlackBerry Curve Touch.

Like most BlackBerries, the Curve Touch will have a GSM version, as well as a CDMA one.

According to BGR, the GSM Curve Touch was seen bearing T-Mobile USA branding (this isn’t visible in the image below, but that doesn’t matter).

Reportedly, RIM will announce the new Curve Touch next month, during BlackBerry World 2011. The smartphone should hit the market either in June, or July, for an unknown price.

Two other BlackBerries that might be announced next month are the Bold Touch and the Monaco Touch.

Author: Florin

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  • online purchase

    It’s amazing how many people watch the pics but forgot to read the article. I don’t think it look like an iphone. It looks like a Blackberry to me. Different form shape on the outside than the iphone except for the screen. So no law suit here

  • Sophie Morgan

    T – mobile will probably come with the best offer…I am planning to buy one and if it comes with T-mobile first then I sure we can get better offers.