US Cellular will launch the HTC Merge on April 29

Last month, US Cellular officially announced that it would be selling the HTC Merge. Back then, the only release time frame the carrier committed to was “next month” – meaning this month, April. Now that we’re approaching the end of the month, we’re starting to receive new information about the Merge’s US Cellular debut.

And it looks like the carrier will barely make its initial target. According to a leaked screenshot of an internal document that Android Central got a hold of, the HTC Merge will become available from US Cellular on April 29. Let’s all take a moment and appreciate that it’s not April 30 – since that too could have technically been inside US Cellular’s self-declared release window, after all.

Anyway, the HTC Merge looks like it’s slowly going to reach store shelves, after months and months of speculation and leaks. Aside from US Cellular, it’s also on its way to Alltel. As for Verizon, the situation is still uncertain. But judging from the fact that press shots of the device sporting Big Red’s branding have leaked a couple of weeks ago, Verizon selling the HTC Merge seems more plausible than ever. As always, we’ll keep you posted.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    Your info is incorrect; you say “Last month, US Cellular officially announced that it would be selling the HTC Merge” and link to that previous article but it was *Cellular South* that made that announcement, not US Cellular. There’s a big difference between the two carriers: Cellular South is located only in the rural deep south (Mississippi and parts of Alabama) and has a total of 900,000 customers whereas U.S. Cellular is coast to coast and has 6.1 million customers.

    The rest of the article isn’t exactly accurate either since you’re saying U.S. Cellular will “just barely make its target” of an April release date (the 29th) when in fact the very first info leaked about the Merge being released through U.S. Cellular wasn’t until today, April 21st, and the carrier itself hasn’t released any official statement on when they intend to release it.

    Just FYI.