Verizon having doubts about selling Playbook

It seems that all of the reviews that have been coming out on the Playbook have scared Verizon Wireless just a little bit.  Lots of reviews have been saying that the playbook is “half-baked,” meaning that there are a lot of incomplete features of the OS and apps.  One problem is the Blackberry Bridge app; the only features that actually work with the smartphone and tablet connected are mail, calendar, and contacts.


Although Verizon had previously confirmed before in a Blackberry Playbook press release that it would be carrying the Playbook, Verizon Wireless Spokeswoman Brenda Raney said that they had not decided yet:

“We’re still evaluating the BlackBerry Playbook and have not made a determination as to whether we’re going to distribute it,”

First day figures for the Playbook are estimated around 45,000( 20,000 from retailers, 25,000 from online pre-orders). These numbers aren’t very impressive compared to the iPad 2’s 500,ooo units sold the first day. Industry analysts believe that the Playbook will likely surpass the popular Motorola Xoom due to the Playbook’s business appeal due to enterprise support.


Author: Dakota Torres

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