Samsung fights back against Apple with ten patent infringement claims

Apple recently filed a lawsuit against Samsung for copying the designs of the iPhone and iPad on the Galaxy S devices and the Galaxy Tab. This was a surprising move since Samsung supplies some of the key components for many of Apple’s devices including the iPhone, iPods, iPad, and Macbooks. Samsung responded to the lawsuit the other day by saying it would fight back as well and they have.

Samsung filed lawsuits against Apple in three separate countries. Five patent infringement suits are in South Korea, three in Germany, and two in Japan.

We haven’t heard any other details yet on the claims, but I am sure that some more details will surface in the upcoming days. So for now we wait.


Author: Dakota Torres

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  • Brad Jobs

    Everyone has something to say about their patents and designs and all sorts of stuff. But people don’t really care about this. It is a matter between companies’ pride/.