Walmart to sell Samsung Infuse 4G for $178.88 in May?

The Samsung Infuse 4G has yet to make its way into the mobile market, but we may have found a new lead on when consumers will be able to get their hands on this device.

The latest rumor indicates that Walmart has been sending around flyers that the Infuse 4G will be hitting shelves next month at Walmart. The flyers also indicated that the Samsung Infuse 4G will be priced at $178.88 on a new AT&T two year contract. No price yet for the Infuse 4G with a no contract committment, but I assume it will be in the $500-$700 range like the Samsung Nexus S.

Samsung or AT&T have yet to confirm this price or date, but a May or early June release date sound pretty accurate for a device annouced in January at CES. We will keep you updated on the release of the device.



Author: Dakota Torres

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