New Galaxy S2 Commercial Part 3

The new Galaxy S2 has yet to hit your neighborhood store, but the latest rounds of Samsung commercials are keeping us entertained for the time being. The new ad campaign Samsung has begun centers on the fact that this Android powered phone comes with great hands free features. The previous ad depicted a northerner that was trapped in a snow storm and because his fingers were too cold, could not text with his fingers and had to use the voice feature.



This ad shows a business man trying to text and drive, which almost gets him in an accident. The ad then goes on to show off Samsung’s new voice activated feature, which darn well saved the guys life. This is one more reason why I personally am excited to get my hands on one of the new Galaxy S 2. Aside from its dual core processor, and super thin design, the phone seems to have a host of great software Samsung designed to improve the user experience.

Author: wen

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  • George

    Copying VoiceOver from iOS much?