PlayBook Blocked From Hulu, RIM Working On It

Many in the world are starting to notice the services Hulu brings you, and while the new Playbook was blocked from the site just a few hours after it was released, WSJ has some news for us. Apparently RIM is getting a deal going with Hulu to bring the video streaming service to their new tablet. Hulu plus service is already available for iOS devices, along with most Samsung SmartTV’s, and this application allows you to watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows anytime you want.


I’ve used the new Playbook and it’s a great device, fast, and very smooth. I compared it to my Motorola Xoom and the results were very similar, just not as large or doesn’t have as many applications. Nevertheless, we now know that this tablet will be getting Hulu plus support sooner rather than later.


Via: BI

Author: wen

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