Sprint Nexus S 4G Pre-order Begin At BestBuy


T-mobile, AT&T and now Sprint all have a variant of this pure Android smartphone, and this weekend, Bestbuy begun the presale to bring this device a little closer to your possession. This handset isn’t much different from the version T-mobile is offering, meaning you could easily buy the Sprint version and leave with the T-mobile version, but the only apparent change is the switch from HSPA+ to Wimax. The device is priced nicely at the industry standard of $199, and  for those not looking for commitments, the phone will be sold for $499 without that pesky 2 year contract.


I have to say that if this phone is the same as what I experienced with the T-mobile variant, it will be just fine. The lack of dual core isn’t too apparent when using it; the phone is very snappy and after hours of use, the battery doesn’t beg for an outlet.

Anyone looking for a new phone or are we all holding out for this new Evo 3D?


Author: wen

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