White iPhone 4 Being Tested With T-mobile 3G

Earlier today the white iPhone 4 finally piled out the lab and smiled for a picture in a retail package, well it’s already been 20 hours since then and now another one has been pictured with T-mobile 3G. This photo was acquired by BGR that was given some pretty good details. They stated that the internal configuration of this model was code named N94, which is an upgrade from the ever so popular Verizon version that is running with N92 hardware and the standard GSM variant at N90. The device is apparently running a test build of iPhone’s iOS from what BGR was told.



This news could mean a few things. The most likely reason for this is AT&T asked Apple to  build a quad band version of their next iPhone version, and Apple is using the 4’s body to test and make sure the hardware is up for it. This could also easily mean that since AT&T lost exclusivity over the iPhone, Apple is working on a T-mobile version of the phone and it might hit all 3 carriers whenever the next phone is released. They’re are infinite reasons regarding this breaking news, the could also easily be reasons how this might be fake. Take this however you please, and leave a comment with your thoughts.


Source: BGR

Author: wen

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  • Davers

    Dude, AT+T is buying T-mobile, so for the new iPhone to work on AT+T’s network as well as the network they acquire with T-Mobile, it’ll need to be able to use the two different frequencies the carriers use for 3G.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully DoJ does not approve the AT&T and T-mobile merger. I would hate to see four nationwide competitors drop to 3. And if the number #2 and #3 carrier would be allowed to form to become #1 would the DoJ legally be allowed to tell Verizon and Sprint no when Verizon tries to buy Sprint to become #1 again?

  • Travisbikle

    i have an unlocked BB tour from VZ…. cant wait till TMO gets the iPhone…. i’m licking my chops!!