White iPhone 4 Coming To BestBuy Next Week?

This news seems like it will never end, but hopefully, this is the first and last truthful rumor around the white iPhone 4. This Apple phone has been pushed back for months now, with many that held out for it finally giving up, the new device might become a reality at your local BestBuy soon. 9to5mac received this screenshot of a BestBuy inventory check that shows the GSM AT&T white iPhone 4 as being set to start selling this coming Wednesday. This date has also been confirmed to be the same date our friends over in Europe will be getting their hands on this not so new device. image

The information doesn’t stretch much further than the screen shot you see above, so take this news however you want because we know as much as you do. The source also said a Verizon version should be released as well, so no worries Verizon costumers, you’ll get your white iPhone 4 very soon if rumors are correct.


Via: 9to5Mac

Author: wen

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