New Galaxy S II Commercial “Thin”


We have all seen the size of the new Galaxy S 2 demonstrated on many occasions, and we all know it is and might be the thinnest phone in the world for a while, well this fact is the main selling point in Samsung’s latest ad. This new commercial was created to follow the voice dialing version. It puts this Android handset in a guys hand, a guy who apparently got in trouble with his girlfriend and has to talk to her through a door. The guy is apparently smarter than that and slides his phone under the door (hope he didn’t scratch it) with a picture that’s a little strange. I am still trying to figure out how you would take a picture like that, but lucky for him, it instantly puts a smile on the girl’s face.

The gist of the story is; this new Galaxy S 2 is very thin, and maybe one day when it’s launched in America, we can do a test to see if it could slide under a standard door.


Via: AndroidCentral

Author: wen

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