T-mobile G2x Gingerbread Coming Soon

The T-mobile G2x was shipped with Froyo and a few bugs, but thankfully, T-mobile says we will not have to wait too long for the update. This tweet by T-MobileUSA says the Gingerbread update for the G2x is on the horizon. They did not give a specific time frame or even if it’s happening today, but hopefully this short isn’t the same short time Samsung gave us.


For the people wondering why an update was possible for the G2x in such a short period of time, here is exactly why. The phone runs an unthemed version of Android, and when you have pure Android on a phone, updates can happen almost instantly because you just have to import your drivers and format it for your phone and not worry about all the extra software problems.

Anyone own this phone around here? Excited?


Via: Phandroid

Author: wen

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  • Mark Machine

    Yes and yes. Lovin’ the phone, so far. Left Gingerbread behind on my Nexus 1. Looking to forward getting it back.