Asus Eee Pad Transformer goes on sale in US, sold out nearly everywhere online

The US had to wait a little bit longer than the rest of the world to get their fair share of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android tablet and consumers were certainly very anxious to get their hands on the tablet when it was released today on all of the online major retailers.

The $400 tablet went from being “In stock” to “Sold out” in a matter of minutes on Amazon. Target, who is the supplier of the tablets for Amazon orders, listed the tablet as “currently unavailable.”  All of the links on Asus’s where to buy page lead to a product page telling us that the Transformer is currently out of stock. Even BestBuy is now out of stock.

It is unsure yet on whether or not there is a huge demand for the tablet, or there is just a limited stock. Although, you can’t really blame consumers for wanting this slick dual-core Honeycomb tablet with a 10-inch IPS display all for under $400.


Author: Dakota Torres

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  • vboobookittyv

    It looks like strong sales at first, but when you only put out a miniscule amount of product, it is not as impressive and actually makes asus look bad.

  • Anonymous

    No supply is not a sell out. Simply a marketing ploy. You’ll see it by late summer.

  • Anonymous user

    yes Asus is learning from Apple.

  • Anonymous

    Not at all. Long lines at Apple stores around the country buying up all the available stock is totally different. Promotional countdown to “available on the shelves on the 26th” and No supply whatsoever is something else. Simply fraud.

  • Michael

    Simple. People who got them during the first round are going to flip em’ on for a nice little profit.

    Early bird catches the worm ;)