Samsung Galaxy S II gets 200,000 pre-orders in South Korea, more than any iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy S II is slowly becoming available throughout the world, with Samsung’s native South Korea getting the superphone in stores on April 25. Before it went on sale though, there was a pre-sale period of a few days in South Korea. During those few days, Samsung received more than 200,000 pre-orders for the Galaxy S II. That’s more than any pre-order for any previous Samsung device. Not only that, but that has set a record in South Korea.

None of Apple’s iPhones has seen this many pre-orders in South Korea, and it looks like the Galaxy S II’s record will be held for quite a while, since Samsung had the Galaxy S II up for pre-order on all three major South Korean operators – a feat unlikely to be repeated very soon by any other manufacturer, and especially not Apple, as it’s only ever launched a new iPhone on one carrier at a time.

The record number of pre-orders bodes well for the Galaxy S II’s future, and makes Samsung’s expectations of selling 10 million such devices quite easy to reach. That threshold will be even easier to get to if Samsung continues the strategy it has inaugurated with the original Galaxy S, that of getting the phone on as many carriers worldwide as possible – and, with it doing just that for the Galaxy S II in South Korea, it looks like it’s going to be the case yet again that a high-end Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone becomes ubiquitous very fast.

Via Electronista

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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