Crowdsourcing app GigWalk pays iPhone users for their snapshots

Crowdsourcing app Gigwalk, Dave Watanabe’s newest creation, has launched today.

Gigwalk is designed to act as a mobile workforce for companies looking to fill holes in their databases with photos and other information that would be too expensive to do otherwise. For example, TomTom, Gigwalk’s first beta customers, can have their “micro employees” correct street information on their map database, adding pictures and detailing the correction right on their iPhone.

a screenshot of the GigWalk app

Most “gigs” pay about $3 and take mere minutes to complete, and all info is geo-tagged, so each company that utilizes the service can keep tabs on the location and proliferation of their workforce.

The market of potential employees is quite massive, with millions of activated iPhones in the field and millions more being sold each quarter. The only problem is convincing someone who spends $200 on a smartphone and $100 a month on their plan to complete micro tasks at $3 a pop. Gigs can pay up to $90, but require completion of several low-level gigs before they can be taken.

Ultimately, the app’s ease of use may just spark enough curiosity in iPhone users to get it started, and who knows what could happen once the right people deem it “cool.”

The app is currently free on the iTunes App Store.

via TechCrunch via CrunchBase

Author: Matthew Ismael Ruiz

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