Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will finally be launched by O2 UK in June

Poor Sony Ericsson. They’ve delayed the Xperia Neo because of component shortages that were the result of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. And then there’s the whole affair involving the Xperia Play and O2 UK.

O2 was supposed to launch the high-end gaming-focused Android-powered smartphone on April 1 – just like all the other UK operators and independent retailers. However, at the last minute the operator announced that it had postponed the launch because of unnamed software bugs that still needed to be ironed out. That was a bit odd, since all the other retailers were happy to sell you an Xperia Play. Which begs the question: was there some O2-specific software version that was particularly buggy, or were in fact all Xperia Plays sold in the past month or so plagued by bugs? In the latter case, it would certainly seem that O2’s quality checks are a lot better than its competition’s.

Anyway, time has passed, and at some point last month O2 said that it’s almost ready to launch the Xperia Play. And today it has clarified: the release will happen… in June. Apparently they’re still going to work some things out with Sony Ericsson during this month, and if all’s well, O2 customers will be able to get themselves the first ever PlayStation certified smartphone next month.

A long wait, yes, but what remains to be seen is how well the Xperia Play will do, sales-wise, on O2 and elsewhere. Will it be just a niche device? Or will it reach mainstream success? Judging from Sony Ericsson’s recent track record, it’s probably going to be the former, but we’ll see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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