Verizon HTC Bliss will be an Android smartphone aimed at women

Following Nokia’s pink N8 (obviously targeting women), it looks like HTC has a women-focused device up its sleeves as well. I’m not going to comment on how good or bad it is for phone manufacturers to do such differentiation. After all, they’ve been doing it for a long while, so the idea probably has created some successful phones over the years.

According to This is my next, HTC has a device codenamed Bliss in the works for Verizon. The final name may be Bliss, or it may be something different, if this phone ever launches. It’s currently being subjected to focus groups of women in their 20s and 30s.

Here’s how it looks right now (though keep in mind that things may change, even radically, before release): the Bliss has a greenish color, selected for its presumably ‘calming’ effect. The back of the phone will be rubbery, so it’s easy to hold. The device has a design immediately recognizable as coming out of HTC, and looks a lot like the Desire S, and a little like the Desire Z (although it’s a full-touchscreen slab, no QWERTY keyboard here). It’s about 13.5-14 mm thick.

It’s unclear if the Bliss will run HTC’s Sense UI overlay on top of Android (though it seems likely), but what is known is that the device will come with some women-focused apps preinstalled, such as a shopping comparison app and a calorie counter (talk about cliches!). The wallpaper(s) will apparently also be ‘calming’ (are women that angry?).

A bit more interesting are the supposed accessories this phone will come with. What you see above is a mockup of what’s been described as a notification charm, that’s attached to the phone with a cord and glows when you have a missed call or a new message.

There will also be a wireless charging dock with built-in speakers, and the phone will automatically switch to ‘alarm mode’ when it’s going to be set on the charging pad. A square speaker that can be attached to a car visor will also be available, as will a ‘stylish’ Bluetooth headset.

This should all be taken with a grain of salt, mostly because even if it’s all true, things may change before this handset reaches the market – and right now, the projected time frame for that is ‘before the end of the year’. In other words, it’s many months away, so who knows what will come of this. Still, it’s interesting to see HTC dabble in women-centric offerings for the first time, even if it eventually decides not to pursue this.

Note: both images contained in this post are mockups, and NOT actual product depictions.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • aitch83

    what a joke. as if i need a phone to calm me down (i have anger issues apparently) and to shop all day and stare at a glowing cube in awe. i bet a team of all men came up with this one. at least it’s not pink. please. phone developers please come up with innovation, not degradation, and nobody wants preinstalled free apps that we can get for ourselves.

  • Anonymous

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