10-inch Blackberry Playbook to arrive for holidays?

As the Blackberry World 2011 press conference in Orlando, Florida comes to an end, we have seen lots of cool stuff including the BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 and a look at Blackberry OS 7, but we havn’t heard many rumors until now.

According to BGR, multiple sources have reported that RIM is indeed already working on the successor to the PlayBook despite the fact that the 4G versions of the tablet have yet to be released. The “PlayBook 2” will not be very different from the original, but will feature a larger 10-inch screen.

The recently released Playbook is selling pretty well according to analysts, but it could be doing a lot better if the necessary fixes such as email and BBM were included in an OS update. If the PlayBook 2 addressed these issues, it could be a hot commodity on the tablet market, especially with the business enterprise appeal. I think that RIM should fix the problems of the current PlayBook and make sure the 4G PlayBook before making any plans for a new one. On another note, BGR has also reported that there may be possible delays to the cool looking BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930. It was initially expected to be release in June or July, but is now expected to be release in mid August. The BlackBerry Touch and Curve Touch may also not be released until DevCon in October.


Author: Dakota Torres

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