HTC Flyer stylus will cost $79.99

The HTC Flyer is the Taiwanese manufacturer’s first foray into the Android tablet space, and it’s got a few features that make it unique compared to its competition. Perhaps the most important of those is the stylus. This allows you to control the tablet in many ways, enabling many use-cases that are impossible with just your bare hands. Sure, a stylus may sound like a blast from the past, but combined with HTC’s customized software, the Flyer’s stylus may just prove useful.

Although apparently it will be sold separately. Now the tablet has gone on pre-order at Best Buy a while ago, but we haven’t heard anything about the stylus’ price – up until now.

Sometime in recent days, Best Buy has updated its website listing for the Flyer, including accessories. So, the stylus will cost $79.99. There will also be a pouch for the tablet, a pouch that will also accommodate the stylus. It will cost $34.99.

So buying the tablet plus stylus would amount to $580, and getting the whole package, including pouch, will require you to shell out no less than $615. It remains to be seen how many people will decide that the price for the stylus makes it a worthy purchase.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Tim

    Without the stylus, it’s no different than the other 7 inch tablets currently available. The stylus make it different from the others. It’s not worth paying a total of $608 (with the case), and this is before tax. For a few hundred dollars more I can get a 13.3 inch core i5 laptop. I’ll be cancelling my order at Best Buy.