Google Earth with 3D mapping coming to Honeycomb tablets

Google announced today that the popular Google Earth app is now available for specific Android tablets(Honeycomb Tablets). This updated version will be using the bigger screens found on the tablets to its advantage.

The update brings several new key features. First there is a new action bar at the top of the screen that allows for easier access to the abilities you want the most such as search, fly to your location, Places, Panoramic photos, Wikipedia, and 3D buildings.


The biggest addition is the support for fully texture 3D buildings. This allows the user to get a more realistic view of landmark buildings when they use the fly around feature. The Colosseum, shown in the above picture, looks just plain out awesome. The Panoramio picture also pops out when you view the building giving you another nice photo to look at.

The update for Google Earth is available on the Android Market for smartphones with Android 2.1 or higher and for tablets with Honeycomb.

via Official Google Blog


Author: Dakota Torres

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