AT&T to allow Samsung Infuse 4G to sideload apps

Well, this is a surprise. It seems as though AT&T has made quite a policy change for its latest Android smartphone, the Samsung Infuse 4G.

This policy change is that AT&T will now allow Samsung Infuse 4G customers to sideload apps to their devices. Basically you can select the “Unknown Sources” box and you will be able to install non-market apps on your device! This is very big news for AT&T customers since they always had to resort to hacking or using programs such as AndroidCentral’s Sideload Wonder Machine.

The fact that the Samsung Infuse 4G can sideload apps only confirms the fact that AT&T will be lifting the sideload barrier from Android phones. Yesterday, AT&T senior vice president of mobile devices, Jeff Bradley stated that AT&T plans to lift the block by first allowing users to get the Amazon Appstore. After that, AT&T devices will be able to download non-market apps. The Infuse 4G is the first AT&T phone that comes pre-loaded with out the sideload block. Most other Android devices will probably get an OTA update that will take off the block, although no word on a date yet.


Author: Dakota Torres

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