Droid X approved for Gingerbread update

We heard an enticing rumor last week that the Droid X would be finally receiving Gingerbread on May 13th after being submitted to Verizon many times before. The update was originally supposed to come in April, but Verizon pulled the plug after they wanted to change a few things.

The latest rumor indicates that the Droid X could be receiving Gingerbread as early as this Friday, May 13th. The update will be issued via OTA download. Many Droid X users have already been running Gingerbread for weeks now through rooting their phones. This update will be a welcome change to those who aren’t comfortable with rooting their phones, but still want the most current OS and all of the features it has to offer.


The update will include features such as different user interface tweaks, one touch copy and paste, improved battery life and Voice Over IP. It will also bring a new media format support as well as multiple camera access. Although its only a rumor, Droid X users should be on the look out for a Gingerbread update on Friday.

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Author: Dakota Torres

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  • Bunie

    actually the update wont be available to all users for another week atleast.

  • Rippnkawi

    Don’t mean to sound ignorant, but I still don’t understand all my droid x can do, so could someone explain to me how the new one touch copy and paste will be beneficial? I just don’t understand what that is or means. Sorry again for sounding dumb.

  • Erik

    I’m running the leaked version of Gingerbread on my Droid X right now, and did not have to root my phone to do it. I’m impatiently waiting for the official version, though, since there are a few bugs in the leaked version.

  • Erik

    It allows you to copy and paste text from most any app into an email, form, or IM. Really nice for things like sending someone an address or what have you.

  • Anonymous

    I am looking forward to the update, will we see any new functions available after this update or will this just fix old problems?? Where can I go to see what this Gingerbread update does??

  • Gbfree25

    Sorry I am New to this But how did you get gingerbread without being rooted

  • upfront40

    Just like the OTA update for Droid Eris; it took about 2-3 weeks before every phone was updated. I think the new updates will be worth the wait so I won’t have to risk rooting mine.

  • upfront40

    Just like the OTA update for Droid Eris; it took about 2-3 weeks before every phone was updated. I think the new updates will be worth the wait so I won’t have to risk rooting mine.

  • Rippnkawi

    Thank you

  • http://profiles.google.com/pitarobb Robb Goodrum

    I updated to the leaked version(2.33/4.5.588.MB810) a few
    weeks back and have been experiencing issues where my data-connection no longer
    works after any phone-calls. I have to power-cycle
    the phone in order to get it working again…hopefully this gets resolved in
    this new release ?

  • Timothymallon

    It’s about time!!! Maybe the exchange problems will be fixed as well…and the sudden lockups too!!!

  • Chrisbrookmon87

    I am having the same problem. Do you think we will have to sbf back to froyo to take the official gingerbread update?

  • Mapatton

    Yes you will have to SBF back to Froyo in order to install the OTA. Some site state that you can update from the leaded .595 version but this is wrong, only Froyo!!

  • Guest

    It is impossible to be running a leaked version of Gingerbread with having to root the device at one point. Maybe your running a leaked version that is not rooted now, but you had to root it in order to get there.

  • Parabol216

    no it is possible to flash gingerbread onto your X without rooting. i’ve done it with froyo aswell. its easy as saving the file to your SD card and power off the phone and power it back on while holding power and the home button. Then toggle with volume rocker to select apply update. Use camera button to make your selection Boom! ginger bread goodness with out root. .  

  • Rickwhoo

    Anyone get it yet, (ota)