HTC Cha Cha and Salsa now available for pre-order from Amazon UK

If you have always wanted a dedicated Facebook button on your phone, you’re in luck. The HTC Cha Cha and HTC Salsa are now available for pre-order from Amazon UK.

The Cha Cha features a portrait QWERTY keyboard and a 2.6-inch touchscreen. The Salsa has a 3.4 inch touchscreen, but no physical keyboard. Both phones will run Gingerbread with HTC Sense via a 600MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processors along with 512MB of RAM.

The Cha Cha will go for £250 ($409) with no contract commitment, while the Salsa will be priced at £320 ($524) also with no contract commitment. You will probably be able to get both of these phones for free if you don’t mind signing a two year contract. The phone will be delivered on June 26th if you decide to pre-order them.

Amazon UK( Cha Cha) (Salsa)

Author: Dakota Torres

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