Unlimited Wi-Fi calling returns to T-Mobile on May 11, Name ID & Voicemail To Text coming on May 22

T-Mobile is going to offer unlimited Wi-Fi calling to its subscribers starting on May 11. According to TmoNews, this won’t be the first time that T-Mobile will not subtract minutes from your plan when you speak via Wi-Fi. So I guess you should be quite happy that this ‘feature’ will be back.

And that’s since counting minutes spoken on Wi-Fi, as in via your own home network (or someone else’s, but, and this is the point, NOT T-Mobile’s) the same as minutes spoken via T-Mobile’s cellular network is just preposterous, let’s face it. What costs does T-Mobile incur when you speak via Wi-Fi? None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

So yeah, good to see this pricing model finally gone. It was just a way for T-Mobile to make some more money off you without giving you much in return (actually, without giving you anything in return except for the capability to speak over Wi-Fi itself – that’s all).

In other good T-Mobile-related news, TmoNews has also found out that starting on May 22, TMo’s Caller Name service will be rebranded as Name ID and will let you know the name, city, and state of people who call you and aren’t in your address book/contact list. A very neat feature indeed.

Also on May 22, Voicemail To Text will debut. This is exactly what it sounds like it is – a voicemail to text service. It will send you text versions of your voicemails to your Visual Voicemail client.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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