Blackberry Touch 9860 spotted in the wild

We have just spotted a picture of the Blackberry Touch 9680 or also known as Monaco or Monza on the internet. The picture gives us a nice view of the hardware buttons on the bottom along with the touchscreen.

Rim has two touch screen devices planned for consumers, with the Touch 9680 being the high end device and the Curve Touch being smaller with more hardware buttons.  This person has also leaked a photo of the Touch 9680 and the Bold 9900 right next to each other. Both phones are very similar in terms of hardware: they both contain 1.2 GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording, Wi-Fi b/g/n with mobile hotspot, NFC capabilities and a magnetic compass for augmented reality apps.

I am excited to see some high end blackberry devices finally coming to the market. No official date for the phone’s release yet, but it is expected to make its debut in the market sometime later this summer.


Author: Dakota Torres

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